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A Gingerbread House…Finally!

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Every year, for more years than I can remember, my kids have tried to make a gingerbread house.  I knew that it would be better if I made the ingredients from scratch, but I always ran out of time and bought a kit instead.  There was never enough icing (glue) and inevitably, the house would not stand up for very long.   One time, after several disappointing yearly attempts, I bought a Christmas tree gingerbread kit. All the kids had to do was place the pieces one on top of the other with a little icing in between, decorate the tree, and it held up until the end of the holidays.

My kids are young adults now, with many other interests and obligations, but thankfully still home for the holidays.  I bought a kit just in case, a Willy Wonka gingerbread house, and they actually had some time to spend together.  After the typical initial failure to glue the sides together, I extended the icing, which turned out to be a disaster, and resorted to buying some tubes of white frosting.  Finally, a house that stood up so well, we had to use a hammer to knock it down and several days of soaking to reclaim the plate at the end of the season.   

I love holiday traditions!


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