My Global Food Challenge

South Africa

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012614_1803_Alphabetica204.gifAdditions/Omissions:  Fairly straight-forward recipe, no additions or omissions 

Taste Test:  A relatively mild curry, could use a little kick                

Zip Facts about South Africa:

  • There is a penguin colony in South Africa due to the cold Antarctic currents on the southwest coast.
  • South Africa has the third best drinking water and the cheapest electricity in the world.
  • The world largest diamond (Cullinan Diamond, ~3100 carats) was found here in 1905 which was cut into the Great Star and the Lesser Star of Africa, and assorted nearly flawless diamonds, all part of the British Crown Jewels.
  • Traces of ancient blue-green algae from over 3,500 million years ago were discovered in eastern South Africa.
  • Monkey Gland Steak Sauce, a favorite in South Africa, is thought to have originated by chefs to insult Johannesburg diners who poured Worcestershire and tomato sauce over everything

South Africa battiss_market

Walter Battiss: Streetmarket

Link to Recipe:

Link to Map:


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