My Global Food Challenge


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Taste Test:



Zip Facts about Easter:

  • Why are there bunnies and eggs associated with Easter?  The holiday was named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eastre, whose symbols were the egg (rebirth) and the hare
  • Egyptians were the first to celebrate the resurrection by exchanging eggs which was then later passed on to the Christians
  • Started in the 19th Century, women strolled up Fifth Avenue on their way to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to show off their new Easter bonnets.  Hence the birth of the Easter Parade
  • In 1883, the Russian Czar Alexander commissioned the “Faberge Egg”, from goldsmith Peter Carl Faberge, as an Easter gift for his wife, the Empress Marie
  • Solid, hollow, marshmallow is the preferred order for the favorite type of chocolate bunny and most Americans eat the ears firstEaster Rabbits

Link to Main Course:

Link to Side Dishes:



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