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Taste Test:                                                                                                    

Zip Facts about Senegal:

  • The name Senegal comes from the Wolof language (Wolof people are native to Senegal and Gambia) “sun gal” meaning “our boat”
  • In 1959, Senegal and French Sudan merged into the Mail Federation and shortly disbanded.  Senegal gained independence from France the next year.  Fifty years later, the tallest statue on the continent, the African Renaissance Monument (a man, woman and child rising out of the hilltop) was erected near the capital city of Dakar
  • The Lac Rose or “Pink Lake” has a salt content as high as the Dead Sea and appears a light pink during the dry season from the intense algal blooms
  • “Teraanga”, or hospitality, is key in Senegal, gift-giving is essential to the culture
  • The Senegalese use Christmas music as ring tones all year long

Senegal african-paintings-kre-adp00005-500Amadou Kre M’Baye, “Blue 04 painting” (2009)

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One thought on “Senegal

  1. WOW! The vinegar and lemon juice really punched up the flavor of the chicken. Nothing boring about this one! Loved the gravy over rice.

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