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San Marino

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Zip Facts about San Marino: 

  • San Marino is traditionally considered to be the oldest republic still standing, founded in 301 AD by Marinus, a Christian stonecutter escaping persecution
  • The original “Little Italy”, 24 square miles, landlocked, and surround by Italy on all sides, San Marino is divided into nine castelli (municipalities)
  • San Marino has a very solid economy, no national debt, a budget surplus, and one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe
  • San Marino is the third largest shopping district in the world
  • San Marino is known for its “Torta di Tre Monti” (cake of the three mountains), a chocolate and wafer cake with hazelnut and coffee creams covered in chocolate fondant

San Marino carte-postale-glace-nicoletta-ceccoliNicoletta Ceccoli

Link to Recipe:

Link to Map:

212px-San_Marino_Pets_bTake a Photo of Your Pet (2009) – pictures sent in to Post Office

One thought on “San Marino

  1. A wonderful variation of the Cacciatore we usually have. The extra dimension of additional spices is a welcome change from the regular way we do it.The bonus was the sauce over rice which, I admit, I couldn’t stop eating! Brava!

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