My Global Food Challenge


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Zip Facts about Samoa:

  • Samoan Archipelago, located in the South Pacific Ocean, consists of two groups of islands, American Samoa (Eastern Samoa) and Samoa (Western Samoa)
  • The Samoan alphabet has five vowels and only nine consonants
  • Robert Louis Stevenson, or “Tusitala” meaning “teller of tales” lived on the island for only five years before his death.  He is buried on Mt. Vaea overlooking Apia, the capital of Samoa,  on the island of Upolu
  • In 2011, Samoa skipped a day on December 30 to “catch up” with  its trading partners, New Zealand and Australia.  The westernmost village of Falealupo was the last place on Earth to see the sunset
  • Samoans who have too many sons may raise the youngest as a girl (fa’afafine).  Young men are in charge of the food, including the cooking

Samoa 2002_25_1Fatu Feu’u, “Talosaga pouli: Ancient worship of the black lizard by night” (2001) – woodcut

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