My Global Food Challenge


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Taste Test:                                                                                                  
Zip Facts about Mozambique:
  • The emblem on the flag and coat of arms of Mozambique contains an AK-47 rifle and bayonet which represents vigilance and defense
  • Natural disasters, such as flooding and drought, combined with civil war, have made humans the most endangered species in Mozambique, according to the UN in 1992
  • Mozambique is a secular state, no religious holidays are officially observed, but each citizen is afforded the right to their own observances
  • Both the veneration of ancestors and the curandeiros (healers or spiritualists) play a role in traditional customs in Mozambique and make take the place of religious beliefs for more than half of the population
  • Over 1200 fish species can be identified at some of the richest coral reefs in Mozambique

Mozambique Women-in-Motion-2003-by-M-001

Women in Motion (2003) – Malangatana Valente Ngwenya (1936–2011)

Link to Recipe:


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