My Global Food Challenge


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Taste Test:                                                                                                  
Zip Facts about Moldova:
  • Once part of Romania, Moldova’s cuisine is still primarily Romanian, with elements of Russian, Turkish, and Ukrainian influence
  • There is some support on both sides to reconnect Moldova to Romania. Many posters and graffiti signs in both countries claiming “Basarabia pamant romanesc” which means “Moldova belongs to Romania”
  • The national sport of Moldova is tranta, a form of wrestling, but football (soccer) is still a favorite sport
  • In order for a man to shake a woman’s hand, she must offer it to him
  • Moldova is one of the world’s top wine exporters with the largest “hidden underground wine cellar (Cricova) in the world. The Strong Drinks Museum of Moldova is the world’s largest building in the shape of a bottle at 28m

Moldova Elena_Bontea__Buchet_de_crini

Bouquet of Lilies (1956) – Elena Bontea

Link to Recipe:

 Moldova tabloul_malanca_1973_autor_elena_bontea_muzeul_naional_de_art_2

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