My Global Food Challenge


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Taste Test:                                                                                                    

Zip Facts about Lebanon:

  • Lebanon is considered the oldest country name in the world (from “Ibri” meaning “white”) and has remained the same for over 4000 years. The cedar tree in the middle of the flag represents thousand years of Lebanese history as cedar was the chief export and mentioned 75 times in the Old Testament
  • The Lebanon city of Byblos is considered to be the world’s oldest city still in existence, the origin of the first alphabet, and the derivation for the name of “The Holy Bible”
  • Cities in Lebanon are very densely populated and most people live in western-style apartments. Generally, the architecture of city and government buildings are simple, with little adornments or paintings
  • Lebanon is the only Asian country without a desert
  • The cuisine of Lebanon is mainly Mediterranean in style, pita bread, hummus, bean dishes, rice, and pasta are very popular

Latvia Alvis Zemzaris 1961 - Latvian painter - Tutt'Art@Kal Gajoum

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