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Zip Facts about Kuwait:

  • The name Kuwait is derived from the Arabic word, “kut”, which means “fort” and represents the forts that the original nomadic tribes and clans, who settled on the coast, built to protect themselves from each other, a “fortress built near water”
  • Despite the fact that ethnic Kuwaitis are in the minority, the dominant Kuwaiti culture is homogeneous and steeped in traditional values
  • Food and diet have changed from the nomadic times, although meat is still a main component, even for breakfast, and vegetables and grains are less readily available. During major ceremonial occasions, entire sheep are still roasted and served atop saffron rice
  • In 2005, the women of Kuwait were granted full political rights
  • Feeling the pressure from outside world organizations for the use of small boys in their annual traditional camels races, Kuwait now uses remote-controlled robot jockeys with camel trainers driving behind with the controllers

Kuwait 4958915_orig

Shurooq Amin, From the 2013 series Popcornographic. “Blind New World”

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One thought on “Kuwait

  1. Amazingly filling and just plain old delicious simplicity. I wanted too eat more, but ran out of room! Flavors were subtle and well blended with all the complementary herbs and spices. Would make a terrific summer meal served cold.

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