My Global Food Challenge

Hong Kong

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Zip Facts about Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong, meaning “fragrant harbor”, has been officially designated since 1997 as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China. Contrary to this fact, most residents identify more with their Hong Kong culture and traditions than either with China or with their former UK administration
  • Hong Kong still uses traditional complex Chinese characters, unlike China and Singapore which have adopted more simplified characters
  • Hong Kong cuisine features a wide variety of ethnic foods, although Cantonese-style Chinese food is widely popular, particularly yam chah (dim sum). Hong Kong rates as one the highest per capita consumers of the world’s fast food and concentrations of cafes and restaurants (one for every 600 people)
  • In 2005, Disney opened its third theme park (Hong Kong Disney) outside of the U.S. and its first in China
  • Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers (8000 with more than 14 floors) in the world, almost doubling New York City

Hong Kong ko-sin-tung-gateway-to-________-2014-jigsaw-puzzle-butterboomKo Sin Tung, “Gateway to ____” (2014)

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