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Taste Test:                                                                                                  

Zip Facts about Haiti:

  • Haiti, from the Taino Indian word Ayiti meaning “mountainous country,” is the second largest island in the Caribbean, with calcareous (lime) instead of volcanic mountains, a tectonic fault line running through the country, and within the Caribbean hurricane belt
  • In 1804, Haiti became the first independently black-ruled nation in the world with the expulsion of the French. In 1987, a new constitution was adopted and Kreyol replaced French as the primary official language.  Kreyol has the pronunciation and vocabulary of French but the syntax of other creole languages
  • Rural gender roles may not be what they appear to outsiders, men plant the gardens, but women own and market the harvest, thereby controlling the husband’s earnings
  • Who needs a gold standard when you can have a gourd standard. In 1807, President Christophe declared all gourds state property and made them the base of national currency
  • It is believed that Haitians love to gamble, luck depends on the fancy of the gods, who may be encouraged to reveal winning lottery numbers

Haiti Women Moon art3Jean-René Jérôme, “Woman Moon” (1984)

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