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Taste Test:                                                                                                  

Zip Facts about Gabon:

  • Despite the fact that most Gabonese consider themselves as Roman Catholic, many of them still hold animist (spirit) beliefs and witchcraft is still alive
  • In Gabon, funerals are incredibly elaborate events, mourners attend to the body for days without sleeping
  • Polygamy is legal in Gabon, but couples must sign and register marriage contracts as either monogamous or polygamous
  • The main meal in Gabon is served in the middle of the day and leftovers are usually served in the evening. The main dietary staple is manioc root, also known as cassava, yuca, arrowroot, or tapioca
  • Palm wine, along with a hallucinogenic and stimulant root (eboga) is used in many traditional ceremonies, to share with and to “see” their ancestors

Gabon 5238_1000Boris Nzebo, Neo Pop Art (born in Gabon, lives and works in Cameroon)

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One thought on “Gabon

  1. Delightful and tasty sauce where the tomato paste has not overwhelmed the other ingredients but enhanced them. The chicken was very juicy and tender and the spiced rice with the ground beef was a perfect accompaniment. Brava!

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