My Global Food Challenge


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Taste Test:                                                                                                    

Zip Facts about Fiji:

  • Of the thousands of islands and coral outcrops that make up the Fiji archipelago, only 322 are large enough but only 106 are inhabited by human populations
  • Fiji is located on the 180o meridian (the International Dateline). Somewhere on the island of Tavueni, you can straddle both today and yesterday
  • Education for Fijians is mandatory but provided free until the age of sixteen
  • “Bula” is a customary greeting in Fiji, which means “welcome” or “cheers”
  • A popular game on New Year’s Eve is “kick the orange” (veicaqe moli), where village women on the winning team present new clothes to the losing team

Fiji_01_f PeniLedua Peni, “Tobo Ika Ena Vanua Mamaca” (2012)

Link to Recipe:


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