My Global Food Challenge


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Taste Test:                                                                                                  

Zip Facts about Estonia:

  • Although there is no political unity among the countries, Estonia is considered part of the “Baltic States”, along with Latvia and Lithuania
  • In many Estonian households, since both parents usually work, family dinners become less frequent than desired, but efforts are made to share dinners on the weekend. Holidays and other celebratory occasions, except for Christmas dinner, do not require special foods, but meals at social gatherings are usually accompanied by vodka
  • Bear meat, which is legal in Estonia, is a popular delicacy and is usually served marinated or grilled. Lucky for them, there are no polar bears in Estonia
  • The military in Estonia is relatively small, as military service is not popular, and carries very little status or prestige. Men serve only one year in the armed services
  • Legally, women’s rights are protected by the Constitution, although they are expected to defer to men, right, wrong, or otherwise

Estonia Staari_portree_vaikeMall Nukke, “Portrait of a star at no. 6” collage (2009)

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