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Here it is again, bitter orange juice (Naranja agria), a sour citrus fruit used as a meat marinade and a great flavor addition to many Caribbean dishes.  The last time a recipe called for naranja agria, I used a 1:1 orange/lime juice mix and the flavors were definitely there.  But this time I was fortunate to find it in a local supermarket

Additions/Omissions:  For the steaks, I used rib-eye and used tam-tam onion crackers that I had on hand for the crust.  While it was more coarsely ground and had a bit of a sticking issue, it had a great mouth feel and taste on the steak.  For the potatoes, I wasn’t sure if the skin needed to be on or off, so I left them on as very good way to change up a baked potato.  Fifteen minutes did not seem like enough time to adequately crush the potatoes, so into the microwave it went.

Taste Test:  Steak and potatoes excellent

Zip Facts about the Cuba:

  • In the indigenous Taino, Cuba’s capital “Havana” is translated as “great place” which seems fitting for the largest city, not only in Cuba, but in the entire Caribbean
  • Cuba is known for its music. Son, the main musical form, combines upbeat rhythms with classical guitar.  Fidel Castro unveiled a John Lennon Statue in John Lennon Park in 2000
  • Baseball and dominoes are extremely popular in Cuba
  • Education, food and healthcare are free and readily available in Cuba. Students need to pass three core exams (Math, Spanish, and the history of Cuba) to enter their university of choice.  The highest doctor-to-population ratio in the world exists here
  • Cuba is home to the world’s smallest bird, the Bee Hummingbird, the adult only growing to approximately 2 inches in length. Cuba boasts the smallest frog as well

cuba Amelia-Pelaez-Las-Hermanas-1943Amelia Pelaez – “Las Hermanas” (1943)

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