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VIP Cooking Demo

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What a wonderful opportunity to take a night off from my kitchen last evening with an invitation to a cooking demo with Executive Sous Chef Matt Heisel from Dan Rooney’s at Empire City Casino in Yonkers, NY.  The menu was an early St. Patrick’s day feast, starting with an Buffalo chicken terrine on a blue cheese mixed green salad.  It was followed by the entree, Corned, bone in beef ribs (fit for the Flintstones) with a special honey-Guinness glaze, scalloped potatoes with fresh rosemary and thyme, and a simple and bright green jalapeno coleslaw.  I was accompanied by my future son-in-law who shares my love of good food preparation.  I wasn’t planning to eat a full meal, and was happy to have one or two bites to taste.  Until it came to the corned beef, one or two bites lead to three or ten. Not so amazingly but very deliciously, after 5 days of brining, 4 hours of smoking, and 4 hours of roastng, the ample meat practically leapt off the bone with just a touch of the fork.  If that wasn’t enough, the meal finished with a Bailey’s chocolate mousse pie.  Need I say more.

While it was a bit more eating than demo, I did pick up a few tips and will probably make the green jalapeno slaw, and the Bailey’s chocolate mousse pie, if I can get the recipe from Chef Heisel.  Dan Rooney’s at Empire City is a fun sports bar/restaurant, so if you are in the area at game time, stop by and give it a try.

One thought on “VIP Cooking Demo

  1. Corned beef and boiled potatoes a grand American dish 😉
    I will be making scotch eggs and potatoes colcannon. My neighbor does the corned beef and boiled potatoes..

    “the meal finished with a Bailey’s chocolate mousse pie. Need I say more.” — yes, like next time you will invite your youngest brother. 🙂

    Buon Appetito
    Steve C.

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