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bahrain-flagBahārāt, the plural of bahār (meaning spice in Arabic), is a great spice blend usually found in Middle Eastern cuisine, the components of which differ regionally and culturally. I have used this mix before, for both Iraq and Syria (click on Syria for my take on the spice blend recipe, which moves more toward the savory than the sweet), and I have come to appreciate the aromas and flavors of these various global seasonings (see Spice Blends).

Additions/Omissions: I only used baharat spice blend and omitted the khaliji mixed spice (Gulf Spices – Ibzar).

Taste Test: As you probably can tell, I really like the baharat spice blends.

Zip Facts about Bahrain:

  • In 2002, a new Constitution was created which stipulated an elected Parliament and gave women the right to vote for the first time in Bahrain
  • “Bahrain” in Arabic means two sources of water (the dual form of “bahr” or sea), salt water from the seas and sweet water from the springs
  • Standing alone in the Desert of Bahrain is the “Tree of Life”, a 400 year-old Mesquite tree, the water source of which is unknown
  • According to some scholars, the area surrounding Bahrain was the ancient land of Dilmun, which bears some semblance to the “Garden of Eden”
  • Generally, greetings are lengthy and everyone stands when someone enters the room. After shaking hands, touching one’s hand to the heart is a sign of affection.  Men and women may shake hands but only if initiated by the woman

Bahrain Yousif A4-221Nasser Al-Yousif (1940 – 2006), “Hope” 1978

Link to Recipe:

Link to Map:

232px-Bahrain_2008_Nursing_b (1)

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