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El Salvador

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Zip Facts about the El Salvador:

  • El Salvador is the smallest country and the only country without an Atlantic coastline in Central America
  • El Salvador waged a war with Honduras over a soccer game
  • El Salvador has been called the “Land of the Volcanos, one in particular, the Izalco volcano (El Faro or “Lighthouse of the Pacific”) had been erupting regular since 1770 creating a “beacon” in the night sky
  • Corn is a staple in the El Salvadoran diet, eaten in thick tortillas, served in tamales, or in “atoll”, a thick corn drink. In September, Salvadorans eat “elotes”, or new corn, before the corn hardens
  • Many marriages in El Salvador are common law, the couples establishes a household and has children without any formal service. Marriages performed in churches are irreversible, so couples wait and many have children before marrying

el salvador canjura_noe_refletNoe Canjura (1922-1970) – “Reflet (Reflection)”, 1960

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