My Global Food Challenge

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Zip Facts about Eritrea:

  • The People’s Front for Democracy and Justice is the only political party in Eritrea, elections have been scheduled and cancelled on a regular basis but none have ever taken place
  • Eritrea dedicated an entire uninhabited coastline of its Dahlak islands as a reserve for wildlife and pearl production
  • Eritrea, which means red and was named for the Red Sea, joined Ethiopia politically in 1951, was annexed in 1962, and gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993. It has a very rich history, ranking second in Africa (after Egypt) with the most archeological treasures
  • Except for the Kunama lowland group, all ethic Eritrean cultures are patrilineal, the man is the public decision maker, and sons inherit in family possessions. Marriages are monogamous and mainly arranged by contract, involving a dowry
  • Traditional foods are eaten without using silverware and with the right hand only, the left is considered to be tainted

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Michael Adonai, “The Crescent Moon”

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