My Global Food Challenge

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Zip Facts about Guinea-Bissau:

  • Guinea, used by the Europeans to refer to the African West Coast, comes from the Arabic term meaning “the land of the blacks.” The combination with Bissau (the capital), possibly derived from “Bijago” naming the ethnic island inhabitants along the coast, helps to distinguish this country from Guinea
  • Until the coup in 1980, Guinea-Bissau and the Cape Verde Islands were one country
  • Both traditional and current marriage practices exist in Guyana. There are still some arranged marriages in rural areas, polygamy is accepted, men marry later than women, and widows often remarry their husband’s brother
  • Rice is both a staple and prestige food and is imported for the urban population. Livestock is still sacrificed for consumption and ritual offering during elaborate life cycle ceremonies
  • Guinea Bissau is the world’s sixth largest producer of the cashew nut which makes up 90% of its exports

Guinea Bissau Lemos_Djata_-_Untitled_2_1024x1024Lemos Djata, “Exaustão”

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