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Zip Facts about Guyana:

  • Guyana, from the Amerindian word meaning “Land of Many Waters”, is the only English speaking country in South America
  • Kaieteur Falls is the second tallest waterfall in the world with a single drop of 741 feet (compared to Niagara Falls at 167 feet). It is the world’s largest single drop waterfall by volume
  • Jonestown, Guyana, is the site for the politically-motivated mass suicide led by Jim “Mad Messiah” Jones, an American religious cult leader of the People’s Temple, which claimed his 909 followers on November 18, 1978
  • Major sports in Guyana include cricket (nationally part of the West Indian cricket team), softball cricket (beach cricket) and football (soccer)
  • Support for the arts is very limited, as is public funding, which has forced many artists to leave Guyana

guyana bernadetteBernadette Indira Persaud, “The First Reading”

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