My Global Food Challenge

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Zip Facts about India:

  • There are major geographic and religious difference in the Indian diet, those that eat rice and those who subsist on wheat and other grains, those that do not eat pork (Muslims, Jews, and Sikhs) and those that do not consume beef (Hindus)
  • Farming is the largest source of employment with 73% of India’s population living in rural areas
  • Although the caste system has its origins in the fate and reincarnation theories of Hinduism, organization by castes are still prevalent throughout the Muslim, Christian and Jewish populations in India
  • Mumbai (formerly Bombay and known as the “City of Dreams” houses the largest movie industry in the world. Almost of the Bollywood movies (the B in the name comes from Bombay) are musicals
  • Marigolds are symbols of happiness and good fortune and are used to decorate many Hindu weddings. The lotus flower is considered sacred for both Hindus and Buddhists
  • It is impolite to eat with the left hand, and in addition to washing hands before meals, the face and legs may also be rinsed. Women often eat after the men

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