My Global Food Challenge

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Zip Facts about Indonesia:

  • Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago nation, and the fourth most populous nation in the world (203 million on almost 1000 islands). “Tanah Air Kita”, from the native language referring to the homeland, means “Our Land and Water”
  • Nicknames, based on the last syllable of the full name, are very popular for Indonesians
  • The cuisine of Indonesia is inspired by the numerous and diverse ethnic groups including Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian, Portuguese, and the Dutch rijsttafel (the rice table). Traditional family meals include rice and a side dish of boiled vegetables and dried fish or a meat curry
  • After Brazil, Indonesia is considered to have the world’s second greatest biodiversity with thousands of varied fauna and flora which includes the Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world
  • Art abounds in many forms on the beautiful island of Bali, yet there is no word for “art” in Balinese

Indonesia mochtar-but-1930-1993-indonesi-three-seated-ladies-3251787

Mochtar Apin (1923 – 1994) – “Three Seated Ladies” (1959)–mochtar-but-1930-1993-indonesi-three-seated-ladies-3251787.htm

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