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Zip Facts about Iran:

  • Iranian weavers have been creating beautiful Persian rugs for over 2500 years and may intentionally include a mistake to show human imperfection. The English word “paradise” comes from the Persian word for “enclosed garden”
  • The long-haired Persian cat, originally from the colder high plateau region in Iran, was brought to Europe in the 17th and became a highly prized and exotic pet
  • In Iran, the mothers control the marriages for their children, making sure that the two families are compatible. Divorce is less common than in the West, it is very difficult to entangle the two families and, in the case of divorce, the children belong to the father
  • Iranian food is influenced by Greek and Indian cuisine, although not as spicy as Indian and more varied than Greek. The national dish is chelow kabab (aromatic rice with lamb marinated in lemon juice or yogurt) and the main beverage is black tea
  • The first day of spring is celebrated in Iran with a festive meal, and the table is set with seven items beginning with the Farsi letter “s” (translated as berries, ground wheat, garlic, apples, vinegar, green grass, and a gold coin)

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