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Zip Facts about Israel:

  • According to the Bible, the name Israel was given to Jacob by God. The distinct nationalities, the Jews and Arabs that reside there, define their tradition and culture by their respective religions
  • The national official language is Hebrew, the modern version of which was designed by the Lithuanian Eliezer Ben-Yehuda in the 1880s. Historically, biblical Hebrew was used in prayer and Yiddish was the spoken language
  • Everyday cuisine in Israel may include some typical Middle Eastern dishes such as falafel (ground chickpeas with onions and spices), tabuleh (bulgar wheat salad with chopped vegetables, baklava, and Turkish coffee. Jewish celebrations may include challah, hamentaschen, matzoh, or cholent (a thick stew simmered overnight)
  • There are over 40 kosher McDonalds in Israel, the only other one is in Buenos Aires. The glue on Israeli stamps is also kosher
  • It is estimated that, per capita, Israeli academics publish more scientific journal articles than anywhere else worldwide

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