My Global Food Challenge

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I wish I could say that I made the sushi that you see on the plate, my husband arranged it and I photographed it.  I did make the food in the recipe section, but since my family loves sushi, we ordered it in as appetizers.  I think the last time I had Japanese food (except for the food I made today, I am not a fan of sushi) was when I was nine months pregnant with my daughter, a little over 25 years ago.  I remember that the food was good, but unfortunately, I became violently ill.  And once you tag a digestive problem (I probably had a virus) to a particular food, it is hard to unring that bell.  The only time I felt it was any issue at all was when we opened our home for a year to a wonderful Japanese exchange student, who quickly became part of the family and I truly consider her my other daughter.  Thankfully, she wanted to experience all kinds of foods.


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Zip Facts about Japan:

  • The Japanese names for the country, Nihon and Nippon, translate to “origin of the sun” or “Land of the Rising Sun”. The Japanese archipelago, encompasses four main islands, Hokkaidō, Honshū, Shikoku, and Kyūshū and over 6000 minor ones
  • While the Japanese have an extremely varied diet with influences from all over the world, there is still a sense of traditional cuisine which rely on specific ingredients, aesthetics, and preparation styles and techniques. White rice is a staple, along with soy, seafood, and pickled vegetables, small dishes of contrasting textures and milder flavorings
  • In Japan, love marriages have almost replaced traditional arranged marriage, with a few vestiges remaining, such as matchmakers and background checks. Weddings can be elaborate, combining Shintō marriage rituals with stylized Christian traditions
  • The first Geisha (“person of the arts”) in Japan were men
  • Japan has one of the world’s highest average life expectancies, more than 50,000 individuals who are over 100 years old

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