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Zip Facts about Jordan:

  • The Jordanian capital city, Amman, was once renamed “Philadelphia” over 2000 years ago by the Greek ruler of Egypt, Ptolemy Philadelphus. Petra, often referred to as “The Rose City” from the deep colors of rock from which much of the ancient city was carved, was voted one of the “new” Seven Wonders of the World
  • Jordan claims a few ancient biblical sites from both the Old and New Testament, Mount Nebo is considered to be the burial place of Moses, and Wadi Kharar, the baptismal site by the Jordan River, is where John the Baptist resided and practiced
  • A six thousand year old legend attributes the discovery of cheese to an Arabian shepherd who stored milk in his pouch made from sheep’s stomach and the rennet in the lining in the heat of the desert turned the milk into curds. Halloumi (similar to feta) is a popular cheese in Jordan
  • The main meal, eaten in the mid-afternoon is usually a dish of spiced rice and meat (usually lamb or chicken) with sides of salad and yogurt, served in the center of a floor covering. As in other cultures, the left hand is not used in eating or serving food
  • Sons are prized in the traditional patriarchal family units and clans. Camel breeders have always been considered highest in terms of social stratification, but modern urban professionals with college educations, homes, and luxury cars have almost superseded them on the social ladder

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