My Global Food Challenge

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Zip Facts about Kenya:

  • English is the official language, along with Kiswahili (Swahili, which means “coast” in Arabic) which is a combination of Arabic and Bantu
  • Maize (corn) is a staple food in Kenya and may be prepared as posho, a porridge. Ugali, a beef stew, is often eaten, and although meat is expensive, whole goats may be roasted on special occasions. Side dishes include boiled greens or banana porridge
  • Women in rural areas bear much of the workload, they work in the fields, take care of the household responsibilities, tend garden and taking food to market
  • The word “chai” in Swahili means “tea”, both tea and beer are the favorite beverage choices, but usually not served cold. Although coffee is one of the main exports, Kenyans rarely ever drink it
  • Polygamy is not uncommon, and 10 cows seem to be the going dowry rate

Kenya butamaAlern Butama

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