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Zip Facts about North Korea:

  • North Korea was established as an interim state with the ultimate intention of unifying the country as a single Korean nation. However, without an established and centralized political power and a lack of cultural tradition, North Korea constructed a new cultural identity, influenced by the Soviet regime, patriotic zeal, and anti-Japanese sentiment
  • Currently, there is little variety in North Korean cuisine, spicy foods and sugary sweets are limited, kimchee, garlic, and chili are almost non-existent in their diet
  • While women do have a role in the workforce, putting in as many hours as men in addition to their duties in childrearing and the household, gender inequality still exists
  • Military service is required in North Korea, which culminates in the fourth largest military in the world, and the highest percentage of personnel per capita
  • Special flowers are bred in honor of North Korea’s leaders, Kim Il-sung was presented with the orchid, Kimilsungia, and Kim Jong-il received the kimjonila (a red begonia)

south korea-flagZip Facts about South Korea:

  • The national flag T’aegukki (“Supreme Ultimate”) depicts the Chinese yinyang principle depicting balance despite the constant movement of opposites in the universe, the trigrams in the corners represent heaven, earth, fire, and water
  • South Koreans are fiercely united, both at home and abroad, by the phrase “han p’it-chul” (one bloodline), which symbolizes a shared homogeneous identity where ethnicity and nationality coincide
  • Kimch’I is the national dish of South Korea, composed of fermented or pickled vegetables, most often a hot and pungent dish of Chinese cabbage and daikon radishes
  • Motorcycle drivers deliver from most restaurants in South Korea, even McDonald’s, which also have Korean specialties, including the Shanghai Spicy Chicken and the Bulgogi Burgers
  • Cosmetics for men are extremely popular in South Korea, especially considering their extremely competitive job market. The 10-day Boryeong Mud Festival, which was originally proposed to advertise mud cosmetics, is now an annual event attracting millions of people, including thousands of foreign tourists

Korea Shin Jong Sik - Tutt'Art@ (28)Shin Jong Sik

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