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Zip Facts about Kyrgyzstan:

  • According to the Kyrgyz people, their name comes from the word “kirkkyz” (40 girls), and that they are descendant from forty tribes. Kyrgyz ( a Turkish language) is mutually intelligible with the Uzbek and Kazak languages
  • Since independence from the Soviet Union, there is an obvious social stratification with a small upper class and a large lower class. Economics and a poor knowledge of Russian may define the latter status
  • Kyrgyzstan boasts the world’s longest epic poem “Manas”, composed of 500,000 lines and written about the warrior who united Kyrgyzstan
  • Although Russians eat pork, the Kyrgyz people do not. For special occasions, there is a ritual killing and cooking of a sheep, and all parts of the animal including the head and the organ meats are prepared. Guests receive cuts that represent their status, with additional meats to take home
  • Tea is like water for the Kyrgyz people, and is served in small bowls rather than in cups


Semyon Afanasevich Chuikov

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