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Zip Facts about Libya:

  • Idris, the only King of Libya and the head of the Senussi Muslim order, was overthrown by the Revolutionary Leader Muammar Al Qadhafi in 1969
  • Libyan cuisine is quite consistent despite differences in urban, rural, and nomadic lifestyles of the people. Couscous is the national dish, and, as for most meals, is eaten out of a communal bowl
  • Libya has the highest literacy rate in North Africa (over 80%) and provides a free education system for all of its citizens
  • In Libya, girls may marry at fourteen, while men are expected to wait until their mid-twenties. About 20% of the marriages, arranged by the parents, follow the rule of “first right”, where the male first cousin needs to waive his right to the girl before she can marry someone else
  • While there is a strong move toward female emancipation, purdah (traditional custom of secluding and veiling women) still persists

Libya 56-3958860-meemol-moroaat-ali-omar-ermes Ali Omar Ermes, “Meemol Moroaat”

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