My Global Food Challenge

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Zip Facts about Liechtenstein:

  • Liechtenstein (along with Uzbekistan) are the only countries to be doubly-landlocked, bordered on all sides by landlocked countries
  • Liechtenstein’s population is slightly more than 30,000, it has no army and about two dozen police officers
  • There is a semi-formal dining etiquette in Liechtenstein which includes dressing appropriately and arriving on time, bring a gift or bottle of wine, and if the guest of honor, be prepared to give a toast after the host. “Guten appetite!”
  • If you can’t cut the food with your fork which is preferred, keep your knife in your right hand and your fork in the left and place both in the 5:00 position on your plate when finished. Make sure to clean your plate
  • Liechtenstein was slow to give women the right to vote which didn’t happen until 1984

Liechtenstein DagmarDagmar Frick-Islitzer, “Silver Plum” (2010)

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