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Zip Facts about Malawi:

  • Stone implements and other remains found around Lake Malawi suggest earliest settlements dating back 60,000 years ago. Human remains from 8000 B.C. have also been discovered in Malawi
  • The staple dish of Malawian cuisine is nsima (boiled cornmeal supplemented with meats such as goat, chicken, and occasionally pork). Coca-Cola, beer, and chibuku (a homemade brew) are the beverages of choice for both everyday and special occasions. Lakeside residents favor fish, especially chambo and cichlids
  • Greetings between Malawians are accompanied by a right handshake, the left hand grips the right forearm as a show of no weapons. Eating is also done with the right hand, as in other countries, the left hand is considered improper or unclean
  • Marriages, especially in rural areas, are still often arranged and occasionally polygamy is practiced. Divorce is increasingly more common, but still difficult for women who must return to their family home and lose all of the marriage assets and possessions to their husband
  • The chitenje, the traditional dress worn by Malawi women, is a colorful rectangular fabric, tied like a sarong, and has many uses including covering other clothing, or serving as a pot holder or as a baby-carrying sling

Malawi Village_Thoughts070_300Sudi Mwale, “Village Thoughts”

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