My Global Food Challenge

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Zip Facts about Maldives:

  • Maldives is considered the flattest country in the world, the smallest country in Asia, the smallest Muslim country in the world, and the Earth’s lowest country averaging about 5 feet above sea level
  • The word atoll, which denotes a ringed coral island surrounding a lagoon is the only English word derived from a Divehi word (atholhu)
  • Public floggings are expected for those who commit adultery and women are the most sentenced for this offense. Men are more likely to walk free if they deny the charges
  • Belief in black and white magic is quite strong and persists. In 2013, a coconut was arrested for suspiciously loitering during the presidential elections.  After being examined by a white magician, no threats or curses were found, and the innocent coconut was released
  • Maldivians celebrate the weekend on Friday and Saturday

Maldives lovers embraceAfzal Shafiu Hasan, “Lover’s Embrace” (2006)

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