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Zip Facts about Malta:

  • The Maltese archipelago is composed of 5 major islands (Malta, Gozo, Comino, Cominotto, and Fifla, and a few small limestone outcroppings. Over 90% of the Maltese people live on the largest island of Malta, with some on Gozo and a few farmers on Comino
  • The Megalithic Temples of Malta have been considered to be the oldest free standing structures in the world but the structures of Göbekli Tepe in southeastern Turkey, which still remain largely buried, may actually be older
  • Main meals in Malta include pasta, meat, vegetables, and a dessert or fruit. Lamb or Fenek, their national dish of rabbit stewed in wine, is eaten for special occasions. Stuffed cephalopods, minestra soup, or bragoli (beef roulade) are popular Maltese dishes
  • Kinnie, made from tart oranges and savory herbs, has been a popular Maltese beverage since 1952. Pastizzis, a flaky Maltese pastry, is a favorite in Malta usually filled with a variety of local ingredients, especially ricotta cheese and peas
  • Marriage is sometimes consider as an opportunity for two families to connect and sometimes dowries may improve statuses. Most young Maltese adults remain with their families until they get married

Malta Goxwa Borg - Tutt'Art@ (13)Goxwa Borg

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