My Global Food Challenge

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Zip Facts about Mauritania:

  • Mauritania comes from the Latin word, “Mauretania”, meaning “west”. According to the Mauritanians, they consider themselves as Sunni Muslims in the most Islamic society in Africa living under sharia law
  • Meals in Mauritania are more of a social experience, people eat from a calabash (large bowl), using their right hands, then drink cold water or mix it with sour milk, Meals composed of meat or fish, and millet, rice or potatoes, are often followed by green tea with mint and sugar
  • Etiquette precludes eating with or in the presence of one’s in-laws or addressing the elders by name
  • Traditionally, girls were strongly encouraged to eat more food than boys, as believed that the size of the girl would occupy that much space in her future husband’s heart
  • Mauritania was one of the last countries in the world to abolish slavery in 1981

Mauritania Heavy-burde_oeuvre_grand-291x410Ba Djibril Ngawa, “Heavy burden”

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