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012614_1803_Alphabetica152.gifFor anyone looking for recipes from Nauru, there isn’t a wealth of information out there on the web, except probably for the coconut fish.  Most of the food in Nauru is imported and there are strong German, Chinese, Australian, and British influences in Nauruan cuisine.  Fresh fish and rice are basic staples, along with pineapples, bananas, citrus, and certain spices.   So, for lack of an “authentic” recipe, I chose to modify some citrus rice and fish dishes and added a tropical and, hopefully, “Nauruan” flavor.


Taste Test:                                                                                                    

 Zip Facts about Nauru:

  • Nauru, sometimes called the Pleasant Island, is a single, almost circular island of 13 square miles (21 km2) and shaped like a hat. Nauruans make up 6000 of the total 9300 inhabitants, with the remainder of the population made up by other Pacific islander
  • Nauru is the only independent republic in the world to have no capital city
  • The staples of food and drink on the island are coconuts, rice, and kava, although the most popular alcoholic beverage is beer. There are certain expectations during dining, even under informal circumstances, such as bringing food to a dinner is considered an offense, eat at the same pace as everyone else, try every dish offered as a sign of respect, and eat with your hands if everyone else does.
  • Nauru is a phosphate rock island, phosphate strip mining both saved and ruined the island
  • There is not much nightlife on the island but you could always watch the locals with lassos on the beach trying to wrangle the noddy terns as they return from their foraging at sea

Nauru GetInline-1Jorge Mañes Rubio (Spain) for Nauru – collaboration on “The Nauru Project”

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