My Global Food Challenge

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 Zip Facts about Niger:
  • Niger comes from the phrase “gher n-gheren” from the Tamashek language meaning “river among rivers”
  • The country Niger is pronounced “nee-jair” and its inhabitants are called Nigeriens. Niger has the highest fertility rate in the world, 7.1 children/mother
  • As one of the hottest countries, Niger is sometimes referred to as the “frying pan of the world”
  • The Nigeriens, remaining mostly a rural people, eat millet as their daily staple. Rice is their “status” food, served at special occasions, and meat is served then as well, grilled without sauces and eaten on the side
  • The dinosaur “Nigersaurus”, with its hammerhead skull with over 600 teeth and a long neck, was found here

Niger It Hurts-FULLMariama McCarthy, “It Hurts”

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