My Global Food Challenge

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 Zip Facts about Palau:

  • Palau, also known as Belau, is part of the Caroline Island chain and only 8 of its over 200 islands are inhabited. It was discovered accidentally on the shores of Ulong by the shipwrecked crew of Captain Henry Wilson in 1783
  • A famous study linking the chewing of the betel nut and the alleviation of symptoms of schizophrenia was carried out on Palau
  • Palau is considered to be a global leader for protecting its marine ecosystems. In 2009, the world’s first shark sanctuary was created there
  • There are no property taxes in Palau and the income tax rates fall into three brackets: 9.3%, 15%, and 19.6%
  • Palau’s famous Jellyfish lake is home to abundant freshwater jellyfish whose sting is so minor it is no longer harmful to humans

Palau papa_art_6Hans Ongelungel, “The Catch”

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