My Global Food Challenge

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 Zip Facts about Panama:

  • Love the palindrome! –  “a man a plan a canal panama”
  • The Panama hat is not from Panama, it is from Ecuador
  • Panama is only 80 kilometers at its narrowest distance, you can see the sunrise in the Pacific and the sunset in the Atlantic, and swim both oceans in the same day
  • Panama is considered the “bridge of the world”, the “seafood capital of the south”, and for the scuba divers, the “wreck capital of the south”
  • The toll to cross the Panama canal is based on the ship’s cargo space.  One of the highest tolls was paid by the Crown Princess, a passenger superliner for $144, 344.91 and the lowest by Richard Halliburton in 1928 for $0.36 to swim the canal

Panama Dunn

A scene from the barrio, by Jorge Dunn (1934-2007)

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