My Global Food Challenge

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 Zip Facts about Paraguay:

  • The name Paraguay comes from Guaraní, derived from para, “of many varieties”, andgua, “riverine”, the river Rio Paraguay which splits the country into an east and west side.
  • Paraguay joins Bolivia as the only two landlocked countries in South America. Despite this condition, Paraguay has a relatively large navy
  • Paraguayans greet each other with adios instead of hello as a way to indicate their “busy” lives
  • Paraguayans really know how to throw a barbeque, with over 30,000 hungry eaters, they wound up in the Guinness Book of Records
  • “En Seguida” is a very handy phrase, especially when you are running late.  While it literally means “in a minute”, it is assumed to mean anything from a minute to never

Paraguay blindermaternidad1Olga Blinder (1921-2008)

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