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Puerto Rico

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  Zip Facts about Puerto Rico:

  • Native to Puerto Rico and the unofficial mascot is the tiny tree frog (coqui) which gets its name from the sound it makes (ko-kee).  Only the male can sing, they lack webbing between their toes and cannot swim
  • Puerto Rico has an independent Olympic team that has won a total of 6 medals
  • There are frequent festivals in Puerto Rico including official national holidays, harvest festivals, and patron saint festivals
  • Puerto Rico is the rum capital of the world, and Bacardi in San Juan is the largest rum distillery in the world.  Great tours and free drinks 🙂
  • Sofrito, a thick sauce which combines tomatoes, (ham), onions, peppers, cilantro and garlic, is used to season most of the dishes.  The national dish is Arroz con Gandules which contains rice, pigeon pea, and pork shoulder

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