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Sao Tome and Principe


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Zip Facts about Sao Tome and Principe:

  • In the geographic isolation of Sao Tome and Principe, there is only a few endemic terrestrial mammals, the Sao Tome shrew and a few species of bats.  The world’s largest sunbird and the smallest ibis also reside on these islands
  • Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington conducted his experiments on the island of Principe in 1919 during a total eclipse to test the bending of light rays by a gravitational field
  • Sao Tome was named after St Thomas as the explorer found the island on his celebration day, and Principe was named after the Prince of Portugal to whom duties on the sugar crop of the island was paid
  • Portuguese ballroom dancing may have strongly influenced the São Toméan ússua and socopé rhythms, and the dêxa beat of Príncipe
  • Sao Tome is one of the poorest countries, importing almost 90% of its supplies.  The Portuguese colonize Sao Tome to export sugar, and then they became the major exporters of cocoa.  In 2006, in partnership with the Chevron Corp., Sao Tome began exploration drilling in the Gulf of Guinea

Sao Tome joao_carlos_silvaJoão Carlos Silva, “S/título, técnica mista” (2002)

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