My Global Food Challenge

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 Zip Facts about Scotland: 

  • For all of you golf lovers, the town of St. Andrews in the region of Fife is the original home of golf
  • “No one provokes me with impunity”, is the official motto of Scotland, the thistle is a national symbol
  • In the North East of Scotland, girls are called “quines”, and boys are called “loons”
  • The Green Lady, a very famous Scottish ghost, haunts Crathes Castle in Aberdeen.  She is dresses in green and sometimes carries a baby.  The first sighting of “Nessie” on land was in 1933
  • The Falkirk wheel, a unique rotating boat lift, connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal in about 10 minutes. It replaces a series of 11 locks, which took about a day to navigate from one elevation to the other (35m or 115ft), and its design was based on Archimedes’ principle

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