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Serbia and Montenegro


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Zip Facts about Serbia and Montenegro:

  • The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia became a federation of six republics in World War II: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. After a series of political conflicts in the 1990s, FR Yugoslavia split up, with Serbia and Montenegro (2004) the last of the countries to separate
  • Over 90% of the world’s raspberries come from Serbia, Montenegro produces honey and high quality wines, including Krstac and Vranac
  • A combination of geological and climatic conditions have rated Montenegro with very high values in biodiversity, the number of species per unit area is the highest in Europe
  • For both men and women, three kisses on alternating cheeks is a customary form of greeting
  • While soccer is the most popular sport in Serbia, the renowned Serbia men’s basketball team has won two world and three European championships, a silver Olympic medal in 1996, and sent 22 Serbian players to the NBA

Serbia Devojka_i_lišće_ulje_na_platnu_1948Marko Čelebonović (1902–1986)

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