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singapore-flagWhat’s better than trying a spice or ingredient that you’ve never had, trying a spice you have never heard of before.  Galangal, or “Khaa” in Thai, looks a bit like ginger, but it tastes more like pepper.  There is a dry form and powder, but if you use it fresh you should remove the skin and the slice and crush, or cut into thin strips.  Dry galangal needs to be soaked before use, and the powder substitution is 1 teaspoon per ½ inch peeled and chopped fresh galangal.

Despite my wonderful access to markets, I didn’t plan this meal too far in advance, so even in the international Fairway market, they did not carry galangal in any form.  But never say impossible, we do have several Thai restaurants in our area, so when we asked for a piece, they thankfully obliged.  They keep a small amount of galangal frozen and gave us a very generous portion.




Taste Test:                                                                                                    


Zip Facts about Singapore:

  • The national symbol is “the Merlion”, half-fish and half-lion
  • “The Night Safari” of Singapore is the first night zoo in the world
  • While Singapore is one of the twenty smallest countries, it is second in the density of its population after Monaco
  • The highest man-made waterfall and the largest fountain in the world are both located in Singapore
  • It is said that more births occur in October there than any other month of the year

Singapore Unknown_11Shubigi Rao,Fictioneering for Jonah” (2015)


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