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Zip Facts about Slovakia:

  • The shield on the Slovakian flag contains a white cross on three blue mountains which represent the three saints, Benedict, Methodius, and Constantine
  • Of all the non-gypsy populations in Europe, Slovakia has the highest percentage of gypsy (Romani) genes
  • Slovakia became an independent democracy when is Czechoslovakia split in 1993
  • Within the European Union, the women of Slovakia marry the youngest (avg. 24) but only average 1.33 children in her lifetime
  • There is still much confusion between the countries of Slovakia and Slovenia, even among the “worldly” politicians including George W. Bush and Italian Prime Minister Belusconi.  Staffers in both embassies meet every month to exchange mail

Slovakia miriamaschniererova_32434234243_largeMiriama Schniererova, “Untitled II”

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