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Sri Lanka


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Zip Facts about Sri Lanka: 

  • Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is said to have one of the oldest national flags in the world.  It sports a gold lion, Buddhist leaves, and vertical stripes which represent the Tamils and Muslims
  • The Egyptians, and the rest of the world, can thank Ceylon, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, for the gift of cinnamon.  Sri Lanka is also the world’s largest exporter of tea
  • Both the first democratically-elected woman head of state and the first female Prime Minister governed in Sri Lanka
  • Head nodding for yes and no are completely opposite in Sri Lanka
  • The Persian name for Sri Lanka is “Serendib” meaning “Island of Gems”, and is from where the English word, serendipity, originates.  The Blue sapphire in the British Crown, the “Blue Belle”, was discovered in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ravindra

Jagath Ravindra – “After the Dark Night” (2015)

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