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Zip Facts about Sudan:

  • Sudan was the largest country in Africa, the 10th largest in the world, before its split in 2011 into North (primarily Islamic Sharia) and South (largely Christian) Sudan and is bordered by nine other countries
  • There is a water wheel in Sudan that is ox-driven and has been operational since 400 B. C.
  • The capital city of Khartoum, which means “elephant trunk”, refers to the bend in the Nile River after the White and Blue Nile Rivers merge together
  • Tea is usually the first drink of the day.  The Sudanese serve their coffee in tiny cups.  They often fry their coffee beans, grind them with cloves and spices, and strain the liquid coffee through a grass sieve
  • During the Feast of the Great Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha), it is traditional to kill a sheep and give part of the meat to the less fortunate

Sudan el-salahi_the-last-sound_1964

Ibrahim El-Salahi, “The Last Sound” (1964)

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